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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide accessible and affordable world-class Information Technology services to all business types.

What We Do

B2B Geeks is a full IT Service Provider, we work with any vendors across the board software/hardware vendors to design a new business model that delivers the flexibility and support client’s needs, and at a price point that saves money on overall network expenses. With innovative solutions and real services, validated by a long list of delighted business clients, think of B2B Geeks as your IT team.

Our History

As an IT professional our founder saw the need that many business owners had of having to coordinate multiple vendors while having to run their day to day operations. Many times missing or getting the wrong technology for their business which resulted either in paying for services they didn’t need or having the incorrect services. 

At B2B Geeks when we say “We speak Geek, so you don’t have to” we mean it and deliver it.

When we are called out we run a full analysis of the business needs/project goals and then we craft a customized solution for the business.

With over 24 years of experience, we are confident that we will provide businesses a reliable, affordable, and durable technology solution.